Bridal Brain

I have a new life change that recently happened. This past May I got married… Yes… I am now a wifey (I love saying that) and I have a husband that I adore. As magical as your wedding day is, we ALL know that planning and preparing for a wedding can be stressful and really try your patience at times. One of my tasks was to make my now husband Rich a wedding band. Easy task for a jeweler you say.. Nope!

Rich works with his hands, like many men his knuckles are WAY larger than his fingers which made creating a wedding band a challenge to say the least. I’d create multiple rings each day, trying to find the right fit. I made square rings, round rings, oval rings, thick, thin… Everyday he would come home from work and I’d jump at his hand to try on the new creation. Finally one day I had a winner! I realized during that process that I enjoyed making men’s rings. I use thicker silver and can really hammer out my aggressions on them. After the basic shape is created, I can embellish with gold, diamonds, etc and do the more refined tasks.

Having bridal brain, I also started thinking about engagement rings! No.. I did not make my own… I wouldn’t let him get away with that 😉 but I did a ton of research before I got engaged (for years actually..shh) on what type of ring I would want to wear forever as a jeweler and a girl that loves jewelry. I didn’t want a traditional ring, but I did want a diamond. I always loved odd shaped stones, so I started searching for the perfect diamonds that I would want to wear. This is where I fell in love with the rose cut diamond. It sparkles but in a subtle sultry way. It’s not as sparkly as a brilliant cut, but it has a depth and beauty that I fell in love with. I started buying them whenever I found them, I was like a kid in the candy store! Now that the wedding and chaos is over, I’ve decided to concentrate on making a bridal line.. Both for men and women, jewelry that I was searching and found it in my dreams.