Sculptural jewelry for women and men.

Fusing antique with space age – balance within asymmetry – organic with an industrial twist.

Starting with a simple sheet of silver, designs are cut, formed and fabricated, evolving into wearable art.

Hand cut coral speckled with bezel set stones compliment pierced silver forms.

The coral I use is old, found years ago by my Grandma on one of her many trips. I have always been inspired by aquatic life and feel more relaxed and myself near the water. Using the coral in jewelry is my ode to the sea, giving it another life.

In the studio I am an engineer, an inventor, and a scientist, working to create jewelry that has a history and tells a story. Jewelry ages with the wearer, gradually picking up patterns from their life.     I want those who wear my jewelry to be comfortable with it, and the same time I want it to make a statement.

           Jennifer Rosen Photography

           Jennifer Rosen Photography

“I have always loved jewelry. I was one of those kids that would spend hours picking up shells and rocks. I would then take it one step further and systematically clean them with a toothbrush, sand and polish them till I had tiny little gems. Little did I know, I would be doing the same thing as an adult.”