Designer Janine DeCresenzo Creates Timeless Jewelry

Destined to become an heirloom, gifted from generation to generation Janine’s designs transcend time.  While her body of work constantly evolves and continues to grow, it does not change by the season or with style trends. Janine’s creations are art that you will love to wear. This, Janine believes, is the major difference between Jewelry as Art versus fashion jewelry.

Creating jewelry is an art that takes practice and years to develop skills, proficiency and craftsmanship. Janine uses traditional stone cutting techniques to shape the coral and organic materials. She also uses hand tools such as hammers, oxy/acetylene torch, a handsaw, files, etc., to create each detail. Every piece created is handcrafted with love by Janine.

The primitive, yet refined style, and clear voice of the Janine DeCresenzo Jewelry line sets her designs apart. Mechanical Expertise | Artistically Balancing Asymmetry | Elevating design to Sculptural Jewelry

While the collectors of Janine DeCresenzo Jewelry are varied in age and gender, they all have these things in common: they see the beauty in the rough and natural, they appreciate quality and take pride in the well crafted items, and they are confident trendsetters that are not afraid to have their own style and voice. Once you own a jewelry piece, you form a connection with Jewelry as Art – you become a part of Janine DeCresenzo Jewelry family promising to care and love the creation as it lives on.  Welcome and thank you for visiting.