Colette and Roibin's Rings

Colette and Roibin's Rings


This ring duo was made for Colette and Roibin who have been together for years and finally tied the knot! They both have such a fantastic and individual style, and wanted their rings compliment each other, but didn’t have to match.

This commission started while I was traveling for a show. We had a consultation where I brought many on my loose stones for them to see and get inspired. We decided on Emerald for Colette’s ring! :) After the basic design idea was hashed out, a 4 Square Band Ring with offset emerald, we began to discuss details. I have added one of the images from our online design meeting to give an example of how a commission process can work. Even if we can’t meet in person, I want you to get exactly what you want! Diamond and gold placement was decided and this gorgeous Emerald ring was born! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE emeralds!! And THIS emerald is so vibrant and gorgeous it makes me swoon!!

Roibin’s Ring is the perfect compliment to Colette’s. It’s a 3 Square Band Ring with a continual wave of gold and a Black diamond. Classy, rugged, unique and comfortable!

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